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Ethical Production and Consumption

WafaaWali offers you ethically made products. We source our materials and manufacture our products in workshops around Egypt to limit our carbon print. We produce long lasting pieces and use natural material to minimize consumption. Workers who contribute to our designs are fairly compensated and treated. We are transparent about the make of our designs so you are aware of the details that contribute to the make of your piece.

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What Our Customers Say

Image Testimonial
I love everything about the products from design to quality and functionality. The shopping experience was very smooth with excellent customer service.
Dai A. G
Graphic Designer
Image Testimonial
“My WafaaWali bag is a companion I take everywhere. What I love most is that it's locally made and trendy. It's a piece of Egyptian art.”
Farida K.
Art teacher, Illustrator
Image Testimonial
“The Retro Wallet I bought is red and purple. It’s strong, practical, and good looking. It takes plenty of money and cards. And that’s all I need.”
Lara M.