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About Us

WafaaWali creates contemporary handmade leather bags that combine a minimalist aesthetic with a playful energy. Our designs are attractive, fashionable, modern and functional. The details we invent make our products beautiful and useful.

We are committed to creating bags that utilize the best Egyptian craftsmanship in terms of materials, design and manufacture. We source our leather from the best Egyptian tanneries and are committed to using natural Egyptian fabrics in all our designs. We produce our bags in the best leather workshops in Cairo. While we strive to find good quality Egyptian accessories, we unfortunately sometimes end up losing this battle.

Our designs pay homage to traditional craftsmanship in Egypt in a way that makes them relevant to contemporary urban lifestyles. We learn about and from traditional crafts that have thrived in different parts of Egypt so as to develop a fresh take on them and be able to integrate them into designs that are created for present day lifestyle.

The MW Shopper is a large genuine leather handbag that is versatile to fit any of your daily routines. It has one big compartment that fits a laptop, documents and all other belongings.

The WafaaWali Manifesto

Integrity – with the self, with others, in dealings, in approach to life.

Equality – of people, animals and plants, inclusion of all there is corpereally or noncorpereally

Faith – in self, in others, in the process, wisdom of nature, in the world, in humanity, in all that breathes, in god.

Celebrate – non-conformity, nature, love, creativity, perseverance, quirkiness, authenticity.

Care for: ourselves, others, the seas, the rivers, the animals, the forrests, the plants.